Grounding Techniques & Self Soothing for Emotional Regulation as written by Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP

At times we all get emotionally overwhelmed, and with what New Zealand and the world is going through at the moment these emotions are heightened. It is important to take time out when we feel things are getting to much.

Take time out for you and use these skills to self soothe, calm and manage difficult, overwhelming emotions and sensations


WELCOME to 2017…

This pic seems to well reflect what leaving our ‘secure’ place might be like…When we’ve decided to jump to a new place, the gap between our security and the unknown can appear scary yet also exciting…

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” — Helen Keller, American author, political activist, and lecturer


“When you stumble, make it part of the dance.” Author unknown.

A few years ago, I was encouraged by friends to enter a Poetry Slam competition. I enjoy public speaking and writing poetry but had never entered a poetry slam. On the night, I discovered that the other contestants all had poetry books published and were experienced at poetry slam competitions. I wanted to run away or hide but had my partner and friends in the audience. I managed to last a few rounds, but as people commented, my performance had nothing to do with poetry! I stumbled in front of friends and strangers and totally ignored it was a poetry competition. I still laugh about it and cringe a bit.

We are humans so we will make errors. Maybe we can learn to accept them as part of our dance.

Don’t waste your time and effort trying to hide or cover up your stumbles or your missteps, your hesitation, just laugh if you can and keep moving.

Do you worry that you may be imperfect so this stops you from doing the things you would like to do? Instead, decide to do them, as best as you can even if it is not as perfect as you would envisage. Is it because we focus on being the best dancer, the best writer, the best artists, the best swimmer instead of enjoying the process and laugh at our stumbles that we avoid starting a new challenge.

If you are reluctant to start a dance, a new job, a new hobby, a new idea, a physical or mental challenge because you are afraid you will stumble, why not have a go and be patient with yourself.

If we all make our stumbles part of the dance they will be the dance and we learn to value all our efforts.

What do you do when you stumble? Do you make it part of your dance or do you cope in other ways?

Do you avoid trying new challenges in case you stumble?

Bright Welcome to 2016

Kia ora koutou

Dear fellow travellers

 A few things for us to think about as we start this year…

The obesigenic (tending to cause obesity) environment is buttressed (any prop or support) by a voracious marketing industry constantly scheming up novel ways of making us want and consume things. And we are all vulnerable to being brainwashed to think that unless we’re regularly buying and consuming new things we are missing out on true enjoyment in life.

Fortunately this is a false nightmare; enjoyment of life can begin and deepen without spending a cent, consuming another calorie, or losing another kilogram. It can start happening today.

Being thankful is one of the fundamental ways of achieving greater contentment and enjoyment of life, and we are surrounded by simple things to be thankful for.

Being thankful needs focus though. A good place to start is to focus on those things we can easily take for granted (until we’ve lost them) – our families, our friends, our existing health, or just being able to take long deep breaths in and out, whenever we want to.

An excellent health ritual is to spend a little time each day reflecting and actively being thankful for specific things; and no matter how bad the day has gone, there is always something we can be thankful for.

– a pleasant conversation with someone

– comfortable surroundings

– being able to go for a walk

– something helpful we read

– a positive telephone conversation

– having a bath

– going for a swim

– smiles on people’s faces

– feeling hopeful.

Practising being thankful for simple things can lead to enjoying every moment of our lives.