Counselling Services

New Beginnings

What we can offer...

The koru used in the logo, symbolises; new beginnings, new life, growth,
strength and peace. We offer you that new beginning…

Our trained qualified counsellors believe that all human beings are spiritual, physical, emotional, social and mental beings with agency. We will confidentially assist you; answer life’s questions, relieve stress, balance life, understand relationships, educate you about trauma, assess personality, deal with anger and much much more..

We are here to support you with
Jealousy Self Esteem
Mistrust Anxiety
Aggression Lonlines
Abuse Trauma
Our work also includes but is not limited to…
  • Assessing behaviors, enabling people to gain insight into their attitudes, attendant action, and their consequences. Exploring, (and where possible enabling) behavioral change.
  • Cognitive restructuring training (strategies for thinking differently).
  • Relationship/marriage guidance counselling, conciliation meetings between separating partners.
  • Assistance with general and acute social, psychological and psychiatric challenges.


Our services focus on CONFIDENTIALLY finding the answers and results that fit YOU. Also, we feel the relationship you have with your counsellor will crucially affect your outcome/s.

Crises Numbers

Help is available if you
require emergency support,
or Phone/Text 1737
to speak with a
Counsellor at any time.

Important Notice

Due to very high demand
for our services,
we are presently at capacity
and are currently unable to
accept new clients. 
To be reviewed in July 2023